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The "Story of ICEYE" is not about us. It is about you. The story of ICEYE is about the users of our Earth observation data. Individuals within government and business organisations, who are solving some of the hardest problems the world faces today.

What would you do with actionable information about every square meter on Earth, updated every single hour?


The world currently faces three key problems around Earth Observation Data: reliability, timeliness, access. To address these issues directly, the ICEYE radar satellite constellation is here to change the way we look at our world from space.


1. Reliability

Radar imaging makes it possible to see the surface of the Earth through clouds and even in total darkness. Governments and businesses can now look at their locations of interest 24/7.


2. Timeliness

The ICEYE satellite constellation provides you with new images of the same location every hour. Tracking all changes that happen even within individual days is finally possible.


3. Access

To make better decisions, you need to have the right information at the right time. ICEYE provides easy and flexible access to Earth observation data.

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Solve the challenges you face with the ICEYE SAR satellite data covering any location on Earth, at any time