Access Stripmap High SAR Imagery From ICEYE

    Example Stripmap High SAR Imagery - in SLC & GRD formats - USA & Nigeria

    • Locations: San Francisco, California, USA & Egbolom, Nigeria
    • Data format: Single Look Complex (SLC) in HDF5 format & Ground Range Detected (GRD) in GeoTiff format
    • Dataset Contains: 4 ZIP folders with Stripmap High images in SLC (0.5 x 2.5 - 3.0 m) and GRD (3 x 3 m) formats
    • Imaging Mode: Stripmap High
    • Compatibility: SNAP 7.0.1 and forward. GRD format is also compatible with other GIS platforms. Download SNAP 7.0.0 and Check for Updates

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