ICEYE-X1 Example SAR Data: Orthorectified GeoTIFF

    ESA and ICEYE are pleased to announce the opportunity to freely access ICEYE imagery over several demonstration sites, in order to assess image quality and suitability for several applications: urban, agricultural and forest area monitoring, and vessel tracking. Geographical locations include Houston metropolitan area, USA; Haimen Bay in South-Eastern China; Eastern part of the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia; Singapore port area.

    File format:
    A zip folder containing 4 GeoTIFF files that contain information about backscatter amplitude from each ground resolution cell, projected into a map coordinate system, compatible with modern GIS toolchains. This imagery from ICEYE-X1, the World's first SAR microsatellite, has been orthorectified. More information about the imagery here.

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