Access The World's Largest Very High Resolution SAR Imagery

    The dataset includes two very-high resolution ICEYE Spot Extended Area (SLEA) images of the Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan and Port Headland, Australia, with 15 km x 15 km scene size each.


    Data Specifications

    • Data format: Single Look Complex (SLC) in HDF5 format & Ground Range Detected (GRD) in GeoTiff format
    • Dataset Contains: 2 ZIP files containing 2 Spot Extended Area Images
    • Imaging Mode: Spot Extended Area
    • Compatibility: SNAP 9.0.0 and forward. GRD format is also compatible with other GIS platforms. Download SNAP and check for updates.  
    • Example use cases: aircraft detection, vessel operations monitoring, oil tanks volume estimation, stockpile volume estimation, container and commodities shipment monitoring, infrastructure monitoring. 

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