Access The World's First Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat (GTR) SAR Data for Persistent Monitoring

    The dataset includes 3 images of the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


    Data Specifications

    • Data format: Single Look Complex (SLC) in HDF5 format & Ground Range Detected (GRD) in GeoTiff format
    • Dataset Contains: ZIP file with 3 folders containing 3 Spot images acquired on consecutive days
    • Imaging Mode: Spot
    • Compatibility: SNAP 9.0.0 and forward. GRD format is also compatible with other GIS platforms. Download SNAP and check for updates.  Perform InSAR analysis using SARProZ
    • Example use cases: vessel operations monitoring, oil tanks volume estimation, stockpile volume estimation, container and commodities shipment monitoring, infrastructure monitoring. 

    ICEYE now provides Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat (GTR) data to the selected initial set of customers. It is expected to be available for a wider customer base in 2022.

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