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Daily coherent ground track repeat

Capability demonstration

Persistent monitoring at its finest

Get daily detailed change detection from SAR satellites
World’s first

ICEYE is the first new space company to deliver Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat, a capability that enables extremely high-precision daily change detection.


Detect detailed changes on the ground, such as vessel movement, construction, infrastructure integrity - daily, in all weather and darkness.


Measure highly detailed ground disturbances from space, such as car tracks on gravel roads and detailed terrain elevation changes.


Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat - how does it work?

  • Maintaining very precise satellite passes over a location makes it possible to acquire identical SAR images every 24 hours.

  • This allows the extraction of detailed information about ground changes at a level non-coherent imagery cannot achieve, further enabling automated persistent monitoring.

  • With this capability, ICEYE enables a more frequent and consistent level of persistent monitoring than has ever been possible before.

See every detail

Amplitude change detection

  • Simple and fast method.
  • Clear and precise indication of small changes over time.
  • Difference between stacked images visualized in colors.
  • On the right, blue is a "positive" change, red is a "negative" change.

Coherent change detection

  • Advanced and most precise change detection method.
  • Detect changes between two images that are not visible to the human eye.
  • On the right, comparison of two consecutive CCD analyses. What has changed between consecutive days appears dark, what remains the same appears bright.
Change detection of CCD Mosul Dam Iraq

World’s first daily coherent GTR dataset

The dataset includes three Daily Coherent GTR images in ICEYE's Spot imaging mode of Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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