New Space Approach To Create World-First Technology

ICEYE is proud to be a forerunner in the New Space movement. For ICEYE, the speed at which technology around aerospace, not only within it, moves forward presents a remarkable opportunity for more impactful satellite development. "New Space" means respecting what those who've come before us have reached and enabled, and at the same time recognizing that new technologies and methods of satellite development have proven the results they bring with them.


Creating Complexity at Speed

Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components, when suitable, are incorporated directly into use on ICEYE’s spacecraft. Both the opportunities and limitations that these components bring are taken as a natural part of the overall design. This enables completely new systems-wide capabilities, where other approaches would not reach sufficient quality, cost-effectiveness, or timeliness of development. ICEYE’s hardware development process is built to be very flexible, as it enables sufficient speed, productivity and most importantly, reaching capabilities that would otherwise be impossible.

While speed is paramount for ICEYE to stay ahead in technological development, risk mitigation is not left to the sideline. ICEYE has chosen several different launch providers and methods of initial manufacturing of its first proof-of-concept satellites to make sure all alternative routes to reach a high quality SAR satellite constellation are tested and verified.

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