Rafal Modrzewski

CEO, Co-founder

Since co-founding the project in 2012, which became the company in 2014, with Pekka Laurila, Rafal Modrzewski is responsible for overseeing the organization’s growth and implementing ICEYE’s overall vision. Modrzewski brings with him deep domain expertise in engineering through his years as a researcher.

Prior to co-founding ICEYE, Modrzewski researched innovative products at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) in the RFID and wireless sensing group. He attended Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, where he studied Electrical Engineering and co-founded the Multimedia Technologies Science Group. Modrzewski continued his studies in Radio Science and Engineering at Aalto University where he led the on-board data handling team working on Aalto-1, Finland’s flagship satellite project.

Pekka Laurila

CSO, Co-founder

As CSO, Laurila has been instrumental in establishing and directing the company’s strategy, and previously as CFO, raising the initial $20M funds for ICEYE. Laurila joined forces with ICEYE Co-founder Rafal Modrzewski to create synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) microsatellites to solve various large scale issues the world faces, including those related to the melting ice caps, ice monitoring, agricultural issues, and analytics focused on Earth observation.

Prior to co-founding ICEYE, Laurila played an instrumental role in Finland’s Aalto University Nanosatellite Program Aalto-1, where he studied as a student of the Engineering and Geoinformation Systems program.

Dr. Mark Matossian

CEO of the US subsidiary of ICEYE

As the CEO of the US subsidiary of ICEYE, Dr. Matossian is working with ICEYE’s current partners in the US to fully utilize ICEYE’s growing SAR satellite constellation. In addition, Dr. Matossian is focused on evaluating ICEYE satellite manufacturing in the US. The US subsidiary of ICEYE is evaluating locations for manufacturing based on access to facilities, people, suppliers, partners, and interest from the local governments.

Prior to joining ICEYE, Dr. Matossian most recently spent 13 years managing global projects at Google – from data centers to Android to satellites. He is a co-founder of Solstar Space Co., which partnered with Blue Origin and NASA to develop innovative satellite constellation telecom services for spacecraft. As part of his aerospace work at Google, Dr. Matossian worked on the precursor to OneWeb; led program management of the Titan Aerospace UAV effort; and guided substantial growth at Terra Bella. At Terra Bella, he managed Earth imaging spacecraft production and launch operations, shifting the organization from a prototype-focused startup to a process-driven, scalable venture. Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Dr. Matossian worked on the first wave of commercial constellation efforts, including Iridium and Teledesic, as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Extensive Advisory Board

ICEYE has more than 20 of the world's best small satellite engineering and satellite data business advisors involved in decision-making. Their expertise is always highly valued at ICEYE, where it meets dynamic in-house team capabilities to drive success.

Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia and port of Gdansk, Poland