Assigned SAR Satellite Tasking Capacity

For Governments & Large Organisations


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Making The Right Decision

Decision making in governance and business is hard enough as-is. Double it with a lack of crucial Earth observation data, and you end up in a situation where risks are bound to materialize and potential successes are missed.

For commercial operations, the impact of timely & reliable data, exactly when you need it, can become a matter of either making or losing millions of dollars.

For governments, incorrect decisions or failing to act sufficiently when it is needed risks at worst irreparable damage to our societies and our environments, and at best delays much needed developments. Reliable and timely earth observation data is needed to support many government organisations to fulfill their mission.


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Individual SAR imagery frames cover an area of 50 x 50 km.
  • 10x10 / 3x3 / 1x1 meter resolution
  • X-band radar imaging
  • Incidence angles 10-35 degrees
  • Polarisation VV
Satellite Imaging Capacity:
Satellite tasking is available to be purchased as assigned satellite capacity.
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Repeating interval monitoring
  • Emergency acquisition
  • Standard acquisition
  • Access to archived images
Tasking is available for Constellation partners with a 24/7 customer service.
  • Global commercial and governmental access
  • Easy to use portal for delivery
  • Image processing as requested format
  • Pricing per assigned capacity

Synthetic-Aperture Radar Imaging as Your Solution

Radar satellite data is your solution when you need to know what is happening in large areas, often, and reliably. Identifying what happens in maritime environments or on the ground spanning thousands of square kilometers requires the right toolset.

Reliable and frequently imaged radar satellite data has traditionally been problematic to order or prohibitively expensive to governments, NGOs and commercial operations. No more. ICEYE provides SAR imaging with newest SAR microsatellite capabilities.


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