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Looking for something different?   SAR Constellation Partnerships

Access The World As It Currently Is, Not Only As It Once Was

Analytics services that derive information from Earth Observation data is experiencing unprecedented growth. As established and new organisations take this exciting opportunity on, the most difficult problem facing the industry is the lack of timely and reliable data.

For valuable analytics and insights, it is not enough to see and measure changes in locations of interest once per day or less. Human-scale change happens constantly, and analyzing it to a truly valuable degree requires visibility to changes multiple times a day.  

Clouds and darkness cannot be a barrier for data. The most valuable solutions for actionable information are not hindered by these environmental restrictions.

ICEYE provides this new, unmatched Earth observation imaging capability, and partners with a wide range of organisations to address the specific needs of individual industries, such as insurance, finance, agriculture, maritime, oil & gas.


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SAR Satellite Imaging
Access synthetic-aperture radar imaging at an unmatched scale.
  • Imaging through day and night
  • Not hindered by cloud cover
  • 10x10 / 3x3 / 1x1 meter resolution
  • Any location on Earth
  • Average revisit times of 3 hours
World's Best Data Source
When You are seeking the best analytics in the world.
  • Select Your Areas of Interest
  • Cover many locations
  • Cover large areas
  • Detect changes reliably
  • Repeating interval monitoring
Partnership with ICEYE:
Build your solution with ICEYE data, generate insights and gain value.
  • API access to newest data
  • Access archived images for machine learning
  • Revenue Share model available
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