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    Limited Early Offering


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    Delivering World's First Microsatellite SAR Data

    Limited time offer for select customers. ICEYE is offering early data access to the archive of ICEYE-X1 Synthetic-aperture radar satellite.

    ICEYE-X1 Data Access Packages Available Now.

    • 10 x 10 meter resolution
    • X-band radar imaging
    • Incidence angles 10-35 degrees
    • Polarisation VV
    • Frames 40x40 km to 40x80 km
    • Delivery via FTP & 2H/2018 ICEYE Vision Platform.
    Download Free ICEYE-X1  Example Imagery Set

    ICEYE-X1 SAR Satellite Data as a Solution

    For commercial operations, this data access provides a first look into making better decisions based on the newly available SAR imagery, and the opportunity to develop services on top of ICEYE-X1 SAR data from early on to gain early adoption advantage over competition.

    For governments, in addition to access to the newest SAR satellite imagery available, this new SAR data source provides the opportunity to validate ICEYE-X1 imaging capabilities and an opportunity to work together with ICEYE on delivery and integration processes for the future SAR satellite constellation of ICEYE.

    For universities and research, this ICEYE-X1 early commercial data access offering provides the unique opportunity to gain access to the cutting edge of SAR capabilities at a low cost.

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