Flood Mapping

Earth Observation Data Provides Key Metrics for Flood Analysis

ICEYE provides peak water depth and water impact area analysis on your pre-selected areas. A yearly monitoring service provides you the opportunity to prepare for the worst, and react fast when speed is of the essence.

The ICEYE flood analysis service is based on satellite imaging of selected areas for reference at set intervals and imaging the same areas immediately after and during flooding. The imagery shows areas before flooding for easier referencing, and enables you to make better decisions when they count the most. ICEYE flood analyses are based on topographic information and active imaging during flooding at 3 hour intervals to provide you with comprehensive visibility into your areas of interest. 

Timely and reliable Earth Observation data enables governments and organisations to react rapidly and sufficiently to disasters of many varieties. 


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Enhancing Parametric Flood Insurance Business With Actionable Radar Satellite Data


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