Actionable intelligence through Earth Observation

ICEYE's expansive constellation of NewSpace satellites unlocks unparalleled access to valuable data on any location on Earth — around the clock, in all weather conditions.


A BBC StoryWorks Commercial Production

Blue Horizons

A new series presented by the World Ocean Council, produced by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions, explores the vital connection between the oceans and our planet. Watch the 5-minute ICEYE episode to see how ICEYE’s technology is building resilience against climate-related challenges.


Monitor any location on Earth in near real-time

Our SAR data empowers you to monitor, detect, and respond to changes on Earth like never before. We offer the ability to observe any location, every few hours, in any weather – day and night.

Leverage the world's largest SAR satellite constellation

ICEYE has the world's largest constellation of SAR satellites and can revisit the exact location daily and even sub-daily, enabling a level of change detection that's never been possible before.


Unlock the potential of SAR data

ICEYE's SAR satellite data unveils a world of possibilities, with applications spanning border monitoring, site activity tracking, port surveillance, oil spill detection, deforestation monitoring, sea ice observation, and maritime domain awareness.



Satellite missions made easy

ICEYE's small and agile SAR satellites are launch-ready in 18 months, while dedicated capacity from ICEYE's orbit satellites can begin within weeks.


"ICEYE’s unique capability of manufacturing and operating their own SAR satellites alongside providing analysis offered unparalleled reliability, marking the company as an ideal partner."

Shu Ogihara

Deputy Manager at Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance


Resources to help you discover the potential of SAR

ICEYE Flood Briefings

Flood Briefings

Preview our Flood Insights with free flood briefings covering several major flooding events since October 2020.


SAR Datasets

Download complimentary samples of ICEYE SAR data in various ICEYE imaging modes provided in our standard delivery format.


Webinar: The Value of SAR

Dive into the possibilities of Synthetic Aperture Radar. Our Value of SAR webinar series is for beginners and enthusiasts alike.