Dark Vessel Detection for Maritime Sector

Radar Satellite Data from ICEYE

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Enhance Coastal & Maritime Security

Obtain the most recent and reliable data on the locations and activity patterns of dark vessels operating within national waters to take immediate measures and counteract the potential threats. 





  • Service Levels - Territory
  • Enhance Situational Awareness on Your National Waters
  • Detection and classification of vessels day and night, in all weather conditions. Frequent monitoring of large water areas for timely and reliable detection of suspicious activities at the sea.

  • harbor_stockpile-illegal_shipment
  • Act Against Illegal Activities in Your Territories
    Stop illegal transits, drugs and arms smuggling, unauthorized cargo transshipment, unreported fishing, undocumented individuals transport, and other unlawful activities that happen in Your territories.

  • dark_vessel_detection_maritime-rapid_response
  • Enable Rapid Response to Emergency Situations and Maritime Incidents
    Carry out sufficient search and rescue operations and counteract maritime incidents based on reliable and timely information. 

  • dark_vessel_detection_maritime-actionable_information
  • Get Actionable Information Precisely When You Need It
    Take the advantage of ICEYE SAR satellite constellation. Flexible scheduling: timely reports delivered right to your desk.
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Dark Vessel Detection - Product SpecificationsPRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS

This document provides ICEYE Dark Vessel Detection Product Specifications, a description of the delivery process, and related support information.

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The Sample dataset includes 2 locations, with SAR data and vessel locations included.

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View DemoDark vessel detection interactive demo

View our interactive Dark Vessel Detection demo of two locations, Peru and Fujairah.

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