Dark Vessel Detection For Finance Sector

With SAR Satellite Data from ICEYE

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Reliable Monitoring of Maritime Shipping With ICEYE Satellite SAR Data

Turn ICEYE SAR satellite data into actionable information on shipment of goods for more accurate market predictions and monitoring of illegal transport of commodities. 


ICEYE SAR DAta enables:

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  • Obtain Actionable Information on Maritime Goods Transportation
    Obtain ship draught estimation from ICEYE SAR satellite data for precise and timely monitoring of goods volume transferred from and to the certain destinations.

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  • Make better Decisions on Your Trading Activities
    Turn  ICEYE SAR satellite data into actionable insights on the current maritime goods transportation for accurate predictions of the commodities market.

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  • Generate Reliable Reports on Maritime Goods Transportation with ICEYE SAR Satellite Constellation
    Benefit from the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation: monitor cargo vessels during the day and night, in all weather conditions.

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  • Monitor Illegal Shipment of Goods
    Use ICEYE SAR data to obtain accurate information on the unreported transportation of goods. Estimate the volume of illegal shipments.


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SAR ANALYTICS: DETECTING DARK VESSELSRead the whitepaper on the process of detecting dark vessels outside Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone, with ICEYE SAR data.

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View DemoDark vessel detection interactive demo

View our interactive Dark Vessel Detection demo of two locations, Peru and Fujairah.

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