Dark Vessel Detection for Energy Sector

With SAR Satellite Data from ICEYE

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Improve Safety of Offshore Operations With ICEYE SAR Satellite Data

Reduce security threats from dark vessels and ensure compliance of operations within and around oil platforms with frequently delivered SAR satellite data.





ICEYE SAR Data Enables:

  • dark_vessel_detection_energy-oil_vessels
  • Enhance Safety of Your Offshore Energy Exploitation Sites and Vessels
    React to the illegal activities on the sea to protect your oil platforms and maritime operations with ICEYE SAR satellite data.

  • Dark Vessel Detection - Timelines
  • Gain Timely Alerts on Your Oil Vessels Heading Towards Prohibited Areas
    SAR satellite data enables frequent monitoring of large water areas for timely and reliable detection of  your vessels heading towards the forbidden destinations. 

  • Dark Vessel Detection - Awareness
  • Improve Your Maritime Surveillance
    Take the advantage of ICEYE's SAR satellite imagery: persistent monitoring in the areas of interest, regardless of cloud cover and daylight conditions.

  • Dark Vessel Detection - Catastrophes
  • Enable Rapid Response Activities to Search and Rescue Incidents, and Oil Spills
    ICEYE SAR satellite data empowers fast & data-driven decisions regarding search and rescue operations. Determine the precise location of your vessels and offshore manpower supply in the event of emergency, enable fast response to oil spills. 



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SAR ANALYTICS: DETECTING DARK VESSELSRead the whitepaper on the process of detecting dark vessels outside Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone, with ICEYE SAR data.

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View DemoDark vessel detection interactive demo

View our interactive Dark Vessel Detection demo of two locations, Peru and Fujairah.

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