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SAR imagery provides information about our planet that no other technology can.

We invite you to join The Value of SAR talk series, where ICEYE experts from different disciplines will discuss SAR basics, interesting products, intriguing applications, and captivating solutions in a way that’s easy for everyone to grasp.

The series is for all interested in SAR, from beginners to SAR enthusiasts – no prior knowledge is required!

Model the Future:
Sar for Machine Learning


SAR - The Most Reliable Earth Observation Technology

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensors emit their own energy to illuminate objects or areas on Earth and record what’s reflected back from the surface to the sensor. This allows data acquisition day and night since no sunlight is needed. SAR also uses longer wavelengths than optical systems, which gives it the unsurpassed advantage of being able to penetrate clouds, rain, fog and smoke. All of this makes SAR imagery unprecedentedly valuable in sudden events and crisis situations requiring a rapid response.

ICEYE has built the world’s largest SAR satellite constellation, an unrivalled network of sensors designed to deliver daily or even sub-daily information on any point on the globe, detect even millimeter-level changes, and persistently monitor ongoing events.

SAR Isn’t Complicated, It’s Just Different

ICEYE takes on the challenge of breaking down the stereotype that SAR is: incomprehensible, complex, for researchers only, a niche in the Earth observation landscape.

Join our talk series!


Talk 1

Join the SAR Journey

Speaker: Tom Ager

In our first talk, we’ll introduce you to the basics of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). We’ll start with an overview of the heritage of SAR and give you a clear and comprehensive picture of SAR imaging techniques. You’ll learn how SAR sensors work and what they measure. And we’ll talk about standard SAR imaging modes and the unique advantages SAR can deliver.


Talk 2

See the World Through SAR

Speaker: Tom Ager

This session will explore the challenges of SAR image interpretation. SAR images may look different than the images you’re used to, but we’ll show you the wealth of information and discuss unique and exciting features.


Talk 3

Discover the Diversity: ICEYE’s SAR Products

Speaker: Tom Ager

In this talk, we’ll introduce you to the current and next generation of ICEYE SAR collection modes and imaging products, starting with an overview of the SAR processing workflow. You’ll learn about our unique change detection and persistent monitoring capabilities with the world's first Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat (GTR) SAR imagery and interferometry technologies.

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Talk 4

Answer Pressing Questions on Our Rapidly Changing World

Speaker: Shay Strong | Wed, Sep 21, 3:00 pm (CEST) | 9:00 am (EDT)

In this session, we’ll show you some of the applications that benefit most from SAR technology. And we’ll explore how the daily and sub-daily monitoring of locations can enable the unprecedented detection and analysis of changes on Earth – both natural and caused by human activity. You’ll also see how SAR is uniquely positioned to help mitigate, solve and respond to time-critical events and global perils.


Talk 5

Predict Future Events with SAR

Speaker: Darren Muff

Time-series are the key to identifying and understanding patterns of life. In this talk, we’ll deep dive into ICEYE’s Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat capability, which is the heart of true persistent monitoring. It unlocks an unprecedented capability to detect and even predict changes on the planet by surveying terrain and measuring object changes in 3D. You’ll gain first-hand insight into the wide range of opportunities these SAR time-series enable and the power of tracking trends of events.


Talk 6

Model the Future: SAR for Machine Learning

Speaker: Shay Strong

Machine Learning (ML) using rapid revisit SAR data is tremendously valuable for applications in change detection and understanding the evolution of events happening on Earth. In this talk, you’ll learn how ICEYE not only enables but is committed to facilitating the efficient use of SAR data for ML.

Our Speakers

Tom Ager

ICEYE’s SAR specialist Tom Ager, who works tirelessly to demystify SAR technology and make it understandable and interesting for everyone.

Shay Strong

Shay Strong, ICEYE’s Vice President of SAR Analytics, who develops comprehensive solutions leveraging high-resolution SAR imagery.

Darren Muff

ICEYE’s Darren Muff, Director of SAR Engineering, who has been developing new ways to explore and use SAR data for decades.

Blog Post

Let’s Talk About the Value of SAR

SAR imagery provides unique information about our planet. That said, some are still reluctant to use SAR because the imagery isn’t as intuitively understandable as more traditional optical images. This needs to change – and it is changing.

Blog Post

Why SAR Should be on Everyone’s Radar

In April, we launched our Value of SAR talk series, challenging the stereotype that SAR is incomprehensible and for researchers only. Our renowned SAR expert Tom Ager started it off with an introduction to the basics of SAR. The audience response has been overwhelming.