Small Satellites

Synthetic-Aperture Radar Satellites from ICEYE

Outperforming Big Satellites With More Efficient Instruments

ICEYE’s physically very compact SAR instrument and the supporting ICEYE’s small satellite platform are outstanding feats that no other organisation in the world has reached. Traditional Synthetic-aperture radar satellites have been comparable in size to city buses and often have had their launch mass measured in tons of kilograms.


ICEYE’s compact SAR instrument is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. Traditional synthetic-aperture radars have needed tremendous amounts of power, which among choices in system design has restricted them to the largest of satellite platforms. ICEYE has developed an unmatched SAR system in the world, which fits into a satellite under 100 kilograms in launch mass.

The performance of ICEYE’s small satellite bus structure and sub-systems integrated into ICEYE-X1 have demonstrated the mass of SAR satellites no longer needs to be measured in thousands of kilograms, but tens.

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