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Pre-processing, Georeferencing and exporting file for GIS platform from ICEYE data with the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP).

In this session of ICEYE data tutorial, we will go through some simple steps to georeference and export the data we downloaded for use on Google Earth using the procedures described in the previous post.


Specific Requirements



Get started

  • Open ICEYE data on SNAP by clicking Open product then browse to the place the ICEYE example dataset is stored (H5 format)
  • Import ICEYE’s sensors: Import > SAR sensors > ICEYE





  • Ensure you choose Intensity_VV from the Bands drop-down list in the Product Explorer  panel
    Then click Radar > SAR Utilities > Multilooking

Sar Data - SNAP - Multilook


  • Select again Intesity_VV as Source bands from the Processing Parameters tab and specify the number of looks to be applied for the multilooking. You can also add optionally, the bigger the number of looks the coarse the resolution will become.
    Then click Run and wait for the software to process

Sar Data - SNAP - Multilook Intensity


  • ICEYE SLC data after Multilooking processed

Sar Data - SNAP - Multilook Processed



Subset - optional for reducing computational time

  • Point to Raster then select Subset. In the Spatial Subset tab. 
    To specify Product Subset, you can set the value from Pixel Coordinates or Geo Coordinates to have your area of interest covered


Sar Data - SNAP - Subset



Geocoding (georeferencing)

  • To georefence the image, we have to correct the image with Terrain correction.
    We choose this in the menu Radar > Geometric and then click the Range-Doppler Terrain Correction:

Sar Data - SNAP - Geocoding


  • When the following menu opens, you can leave the default projection system  (Map projections) to be set as WGS84 (DD) in the Processing parameters tab. You can also select any projection system that fits your AOI for certain.
    Then click Run to start the process

Sar Data - SNAP - Geocoding Parameters


  • ICEYE SLC data after Geocoded

Sar Data - SNAP - Geocoding Data



Export (for using in GIS platform)

  • Export to Google Earth KMZ by right clicking on the image window and choose the expected option 

Sar Data - SNAP - Export


  • You can also export to geotif format for inserting the product into GIS platform.

Sar Data - SNAP - Export Geotiff