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Quick Response on Events Resulting in Damage to Road Networks

Improve timelines of response on catastrophes, such as floods, earthquakes and infrastructure collapses, that result in damage to work networks, and plan repair works in a safe and efficient way with frequently delivered radar satellite data.

Radar satellite data is a reliable source of near real-time information that is useful for repair works planning, checking accessibility of destroyed areas for maintenance teams, and improving safety of the maintenance operations. The ICEYE Road Network Monitoring Solution provides timely and accurate information on the area impacted by disasters. This information is delivered shortly after the event has happened, assisting in mitigation efforts. 


ICEYE Road Network Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of road networks
  • Quick response on events that resulted in damage to road networks: provision of accurate and timely information on the impacted area and destruction extent

The dataset includes 2 Spotlight images of very high 1x1 meter resolution taken with ICEYE satellites

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