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Risk Reduction & Safety Assurance

Ensure safety of dam infrastructure by improving dam maintenance processes and making effective decisions based on frequent and accurate dam monitoring data.

Dams are built to control or store water in reservoirs. There are many essential applications dams are used for, such as flood prevention, hydroelectric power production, creation of fishing and boating areas, provision of water for domestic and industrial uses and more. When a dam collapses, it becomes a disaster not only due to loss of the water and energy source, but also due to deadly threat the collapse causes to neighborhoods and people living nearby. 


Dam Integrity Monitoring with SAR Interferometry (InSAR)

To prevent dam collapse and severe social and economic loses, effective dam monitoring strategy is required. Usually, collapses are caused by the infrastructure aging, changes in dam's foundation, structure and water level. ICEYE Dam Integrity Monitoring Solutions guarantees daily monitoring of a dam with accurate and immediate information on detected changes.  SAR Interferometry (InSAR) is a reliable tool for regular monitoring of land deformation, the advanced methods of which allow sub-millimetric accuracy in optimal conditions that is especially useful to forecast and prevent dam collapse. 

ICEYE SAR data is also helpful in immediate response to dam collapse and circumstances monitoring. After the collapse, ICEYE provides timely information on impacted area and monitors the region frequently to update estimations of the affected region necessary for safe and efficient mitigation measures. 



ICEYE Dam Integrity Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of dam infrastructure for change detection
  • Daily interferometry with millimetric accuracy in land deformation detection
  • Quick emergency response on dam collapse, assistance in mitigation measures 


ICEYE continues to grow its current SAR satellite constellation capacity with the objective to provide daily interferometry and coherent change detection anywhere on Earth with a 24h ground track repeat. This breaks existing barriers in collecting SAR imagery stacks for InSAR analysis, bringing the collection time down with every new satellite in the ICEYE constellation. Since 2018, ICEYE has launched commercially available SAR satellites, and the company will continue to increase the size of the commercial constellation every year.

Download Free ICEYE SLC DataSet 2

The dataset features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

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