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Frequent Monitoring of Port Activities

Keep track of vessels number,  the amount of stored goods in your port and detect illegal events and changes in ships activity by applying persistent port monitoring strategy.  

ICEYE Port Activity Monitoring Solution implies employment of ICEYE Synthetic Aperture  Radar (SAR) satellite constellation that is capable of providing frequent, reliable data regardless of cloud cover, weather conditions and sunlight. ICEYE high resolution radar imagery is the key to getting the most recent information on any changes in cargo and passenger ports, tracking vessels, estimating amount of stored goods, and making sure that the entire port activities are under control. 


ICEYE Port Activity Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Persistent monitoring of container ports for detecting activities, such as ships and containers movements, loading and unloading of ships and containers 
  • Provision of high resolution imagery for detecting small changes in ports, accurate estimation of the amount of stored goods
  • Information on changes in the activity patterns, e.g. more / less vessels come to the port, more / less goods are stored or shipped
Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 2

The dataset features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

Download SLC data