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Early Alert on Encroachment & Illegal Activities

Detect encroachment and illegally-built infrastructure early enough to take necessary actions and secure territory and economy of your city, region and country.

Governments and municipalities need tools to detect illegal construction activity early enough, and efficiently control urban sprawl.

ICEYE New Construction Detection Solution provides persistent monitoring of changes within an urban environment. Frequent monitoring with ICEYE satellite data provides a means to map new construction or / and destruction over an area of interest on a weekly or daily basis.


ICEYE Illegal Construction Detection Solution Provides

  • Detection of new infrastructure, both construction sites and built facilities
  • Detection and persistent tracking of illegal construction activities that may cause local governments' income loss and issues with city planning
  • Data on new construction serves as an input for updating the cadastral maps
Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia, and port of Gdansk, Poland