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Detection & Monitoring of Illegal Landing Strips Around the World

Detect unsanctioned landing strips within your country early enough to take necessary measures and prevent further illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, associated with the airstrips.  

Illegally-built  airstrips are usually hidden and located in remote areas. This makes it difficult, costly and time-consuming for authorities to find them, and hence, prevent usage of these runways by drug traffickers.  Timely airstrip detection is crucial for taking quick and effective actions to prevent further importation of drugs through using these unsanctioned landing strips. 


Timely Detection of Illegal Airstrips with SAR Satellites

ICEYE Airstrip Detection Solution implies active imaging of the Earth surface with the ICEYE Constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites. The benefit of employing SAR satellites is in the technology's ability to image large areas independently of sunlight and cloud cover, making the search processes faster & more reliable. With persistent stream of radar data, hidden landing strips in the area of interest can be detected early, and monitored on a regular basis. 



ICEYE Airstrip Detection Solution Provides

  • All-weather and all-conditions radar imaging of the Earth surface for detection of hidden and unsanctioned airstrips
  • Regular monitoring of illegal airstrips, detection of activities
  • Additional information, such as landing strips length