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Ensure Efficiency & Safety of Operations

Make sure you have the most recent information about icebergs locations and ice conditions to create the safest and most efficient shipping routes for icebreakers, cargo vessels and other ships in icy waters.

Safe shipping and navigation in ice-covered waters are crucially important for northern countries where trade is dependent on shipping, and therefore cargo vessels must have conditions to run smoothly throughout the year. To ensure safety and efficiency of these operations, the most recent information on ice location and conditions is required. Operational and frequent sea ice monitoring with ICEYE Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites is the key of getting frequently updated data and ensure the safety of maritime operations. 


Ice Charting & Navigation in Icy Waters

Satellite-based radar imagery is the best tool for tracking and getting frequent and accurate information about objects at sea, such as vessels and icebergs. Due to the unique characteristics of radar sensor, the images can be taken day and night, regardless of cloud cover and weather, ensuring provision of persistent data stream about ice conditions, movements and location in large water areas. 

Having near-real time data on ice and icebergs  locations is crucial for efficient and safe navigation in icy waters as well as accurate ice charting. This information is the key for planning the safest and efficient routes, saving time, fuel and cost of the transfer, as well as improving overall safety of vessels and people operating at sea. 



ICEYE Sea Ice Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Near-real-time information on iceberg and ice locations
  • Frequent monitoring of large sea areas for iceberg and ice detection
  • Tracking of icebergs and ice movements with possible movement prediction
  • Persistent data stream for iceberg mapping and ice charting regular update
  • Data for efficient maintenance of the general maritime domain awareness



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