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Sizing losses for floods

Generate expected portfolio loss numbers quicker and more accurately than never before. Optimize your risks and streamline your disaster response with ICEYE's flood insights. Get your eBook: "Sizing flood losses with accurate observation data: The art of the possible for (re)insurers.

Empower your insurance business with near real-time flood insights

Evolve from a slow and resource-intensive process of relying on loss estimate models to automatically ingest accurate and complete flood observation data, both at a portfolio and property level.


Tap into immediate loss insights

For ICEYE clients, there is no waiting around for loss estimates or adjuster reports. Built on globally consistent, accurate flood observation data, ICEYE's Flood Insights can give you an immediate view of how your portfolio has been impacted.


Keep your stakeholders informed

Use ICEYE's accurate and near real-time situational awareness to immediately update stakeholders on the impact of events on your book of business, resulting in timely, data-driven board decisions and market value stability.


Access reliable loss data the way you want it

At ICEYE, we tailor our flood event briefings to the individual client. We present loss data the exact way your organization chooses to receive it, both at an industry and portfolio level, for the sake of better resource allocation and more precise use of capital.


Benefit from more accurate reserving

Actuaries need to know how much capital to put aside to pay for the expected claims from a natural catastrophe event. Our clients can optimize their risks and accurately reserve for events, without relying on changeable loss estimates and avoiding loss creep.

Get the eBook

Sizing flood losses with accurate observation data: The art of the possible for re(insurers)

Leverage our AI-powered multi-source analysis

Our Flood Insights product combines ICEYE’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery with an abundance of third-party data, algorithms and machine learning, supported by a team of experts from the fields of meteorology and advanced geospatial analytics. Depending on the individual needs of each customer organization, we deliver actionable outputs for the unique needs of Actuarial and Reinsurance Departments, Chief Risk Officers, Capital Steering Committees, and more.

Latest flood briefings

Explore our collection of near real-time flood mapping and analysis from across the globe.

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March 2023


Flood Briefing: California, US

View ICEYE's flood briefing after atmospheric river hit in California, US

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