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Improve Estimation Accuracy of Wind & Earthquake Impact on Infrastructure

Be one step ahead of your competitors with the most accurate and timely data on wind and earthquake impact estimation by property for insurance claims evaluation.

Many cities and regions are under a constant hazard of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. More urban areas become vulnerable to climate changes and the number of weather-related events with severe consequences is growing year to year. Insurance and reinsurance companies should secure and improve their own operations by  making data-driven decisions and ensuring that calculations for insurance compensations are accurate, reliable and indisputable.


Wind & Earthquake Impact Estimation by Property

ICEYE  Property Damage Estimation Solution guarantees provision of timely data on loss and damage assessment by property. The information is derived from radar imagery collected regardless of cloud cover, weather and sunlight. Radar imagery taken right after a natural disaster shows the impacted area, providing information on the destruction extent. Accurate measurement of an individual property damage, such as dam or building, ensures justified calculations and validation of insurance claims.



ICEYE Property Damage Estimation Solution Provides

  • Instant response and estimation of impacted area after infrastructure collapse / natural disaster / etc.
  • Accurate estimation of individual property damage



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Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 2

The dataset features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

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