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Improve Property Assessment Practices

Provide the most suitable insurance services by getting detailed information on the property existence, location, size, and land displacement, derived from radar satellite data.  

Radar satellite data can replace some on-site conducted processes of property assessment. For instance, one radar satellite image, taken independently of clouds, weather and sunlight, is enough to make conclusions about the property existence (drive-by equivalent), location, and size. Several frequently taken images will provide information on ground deformation that may cause infrastructure instability and potential collapses. This is highly valuable for risk estimation, assisting insurers in making better decisions regarding the provision and selection of insurance services. 


ICEYE Property Assessment Solution Provides

  • Information necessary for accurate property and risks assessment: infrastructure existence, location, size, conditions, land displacement
  • Frequent acquisitions of radar satellite images for land deformation monitoring: millimetric accuracy in ground displacement detection, acceleration in land movements detection 


ICEYE continues to grow its current SAR satellite constellation capacity with the objective to provide daily interferometry and coherent change detection anywhere on Earth with a 24h ground track repeat. This breaks existing barriers in collecting SAR imagery stacks for InSAR analysis, bringing the collection time down with every new satellite in the ICEYE constellation. Since 2018, ICEYE has launched commercially available SAR satellites, and the company will continue to increase the size of the commercial constellation every year.



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The dataset includes 2 Spotlight images of very high 1x1 meter resolution taken with ICEYE satellites

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