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Weekly Report on Number of Vehicles at the Parking Areas

Be aware of how occupied the company's or logistic site's parking slots are on any day of the week, at any time, to get insights into the organization's performance or the current supply and demand situation, by getting regular reports from ICEYE. 

ICEYE radar satellites can acquire very high resolution images of the Earth surface day and night, regardless of cloud cover. Such imaging capacity enables to count vehicles coming to the area of your interest event during the nighttime, as well as provide accurate and reliable information regardless of weather conditions. 

With ICEYE, you will receive weekly reports on the number of cars and trucks visiting your area of interest and will be able to detect activity patterns that might be necessary for - for example - evaluating performance of a company, or may serve as a contribution to the better understanding of the supply and demand for specific commodities or goods. 


ICEYE Vehicle Count Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Frequent satellite monitoring of parking areas near factories, logistics sites, and companies
  • Regular report delivery with the number of vehicles at the parking slots on different days, at different time

The dataset includes 2 Spotlight images of very high 1x1 meter resolution taken with ICEYE satellites

Download Spotlight Data