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Compliance Monitoring for Maritime Shipping

Make sure that your goods are shipped to approved destinations and the maritime shipping routes comply with the initial plans. 

All the international passenger ships and vessels with 300 or more gross tonnage must have the Automatic Identification System (AIS) for easier tracking. However, many ships turn off their AIS transponders and become dark. In such situation, it is impossible to track activities of the vessels, their location and draught (i.e. how full with containers they are). 


Detecting Dark Vessels with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Satellites

ICEYE Constellation of SAR satellites enables frequent monitoring of vast sea areas for quick detection of dark vessels. Since SAR satellites can provide data regardless of cloud cover and during nighttime, it is possible not only to detect a dark ship but also monitor it persistently. Constant monitoring ensures timely warning on illegal activities, such as unreported fishing, embargo zones entering and illegal ship-to-ship transfer of goods / commodities.  



ICEYE Dark Vessel Detection Solution for Financial Sector Provides

  • Monitoring of sea surface for dark vessel detection
  • Persistent tracking of dark vessels
  • Accurate information on the vessels location, draught and activities
Download Free ICEYE SLC DataSet 2

The dataset features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

Download SLC data