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Crude Oil Storage Estimation

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Improve Accuracy of Oil Price Forecasts

Stay ahead of the game and make accurate predictions of crude oil price fluctuation with the most recent, daily updated data on oil storage volumes in any tank farm or storage hub with external floating roof tanks.



  • crude_oil_volume-insight
  • Gain Insights on Oil Volumes Earlier Than the Others
    Reliable daily or weekly reporting option. Day, night, weather-independent data acquisition enabled by ICEYE SAR satellite constellation.

  • crude_oil_volume-data_driven
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions on Your Trading Activities
    High accuracy and correlation of the data with the official reports of energy authorities, such as EIA.

  • crude_oil_volume-tailored_information
  • Obtain Information Tailored to Your Specific Needs.
    Actionable information on the total crude oil storage, tank-by-tank volume or current storage with a breakdown by the tank ownership at your area of interest.

  • crude_oil_volume-global
  • Track Oil Storages Throughout the Globe
    Take advantage of ICEYE SAR satellites constellation that enables frequent tracking of every crude oil storage on the globe.

  • crude_oil_volume-user_friendly_format
  • Collect Data in the User-Friendly Formats
    Flexible delivery formats: PDF, Excel, CVS, or custom API.
Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia, and port of Gdansk, Poland