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Agriculture Activity, Planting & Harvest Monitoring

Radar Satellite Imaging Solutions from ICEYE

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Improve Agriculture Monitoring Strategy & Receive Daily Updates on Agriculture Activities

Be aware of unreported harvest events, crop damage, and accurate field sizes.

ICEYE  Constellation of small Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites is suitable for persistent agriculture monitoring. SAR data is capable of providing additional measurements such as different crop types. Radar data is also used for tracking and predicting yields between large sets of fields, as well as detecting fraud activities and accurate assessing crop damage. 

By providing daily updates on agriculture activities, grain commodity traders, agro/bio-chemical suppliers and private companies are fully supported in taking reliable decisions and implementing proper financial control systems on subsidies and monetary grants.


ICEYE Agriculture Activity, Planting & Harvest Monitoring Solution for Financial Industry Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of harvest activities, with indicators such as harvest date, list of harvested plots and percentage of harvested area
  • Information on field boundaries and field size
  • Detection of unreported harvest events
  • Accurate assessment of crops damage



Download ICEYE Solutions Materials for Agricultural Sector

Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 1

The dataset features agricultural and urban areas of Brazil and Italy

Download SLC data