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Improve Efficiency & Safety of Your Exploration Activities

Plan your offshore exploration beforehand with reliable radar satellite data and get the most recent information on the sea ice, icebergs, and oil spills in the open waters. 

ICEYE can support offshore exploration by monitoring potential oil spills from rigs, vessels and pipelines. In arctic conditions, radar satellite data can support sea ice and icebergs monitoring to ensure no ice masses threaten the oil rig integrity. Radar data can also provide clues to undiscovered oil deposits through natural oil seepages that are seen in satellite radar imagery.

ICEYE offers a range of supporting tools that will ensure safety of deep-water exploration for oil and gas deposits.


ICEYE Offshore Exploration Support Solution Provides

  • Frequent delivery of information on ice condition and location before and during the exploration activities
  • Detection and monitoring of icebergs with regular updates for iceberg mapping and ice charting
  • Monitoring of large sea areas for seepage detection
Download Free ICEYE SLC Dataset 

The dataset features port of Port Hedland, Australia, and port of Gdansk, Poland