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Reduce Security Threats & Improve Safety of Offshore Operations

Offshore energy exploitation companies and governments are now able to reduce security threats from dark vessels and ensure compliance of operations within and around oil platforms with frequently delivered radar satellite data.

The ICEYE Dark Vessel Detection Solution for the Energy Industry enables to detect dark vessels in the area of interest, warn about their existence and location, and define their activity patters in near real-time. Getting an early alert with continuous monitoring of suspect vessels, you will be able to stop illegal operations and protect the offshore energy exploration sites. 



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ICEYE Dark Vessel Detection Solution for the energy industry Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of large water areas for timely and reliable detection of dark vessels
  • Timely alert and continuous tracking of dark vessels
  • Monitoring of the vessels entering embargo areas
  • Detection and classification of vessels regardless of cloud cover and limited daylight conditions


Download ICEYE Solutions Materials for Vessel Detection

Download Free ICEYE SLC DataSet 2

The dataset features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

Download SLC data