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Enhance Coastal & Maritime Surveillance

Governments and national maritime agencies are now able to reduce security threats and improve the capability of monitoring maritime traffic with ICEYE Vessel Detection Solution.

Persistent, all-weather and all-condition radar satellite imaging enables users to timely detect collaborative and dark vessels entering the country's waters. You can enhance protection of your nation's maritime boundaries by getting quick notifications on the vessels that illegally enter national waters, get the most recent information on their locations, and execute disruption and apprehension efforts to interdict illegal activities. 



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ICEYE Vessel Detection Solution Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
  • Detection and classification of vessels day and night, validation of AIS to define dark vessels
  • Information on the location and activity patters of dark vessels




Download ICEYE Solutions Materials for Vessel Detection

Download Free ICEYE SLC DataSet 2

The dataset features urban and mining sites of Australia and the US

Download SLC data