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Improve Public Safety & Mitigation Measures Efficiency

Monitor infrastructure in your city, region and county and be immediately notified about any changes in infrastructure integrity and stability with ICEYE Infrastructure Integrity Monitoring Solution for civil government uses. 

Infrastructure, such as buildings, dams and bridges, are subject to aging and ground deformation caused by both natural (e.g. soil compaction) and anthropogenic factors (e.g. tunnelling activities). To prevent the risk of breakdown, persistent monitoring strategy and data-driven maintenance are required.


Remote Monitoring for Change Detection & Mitigation Measures

Frequent monitoring of urban areas allows to notice changes in infrastructure integrity and stability. Earth Observation (EO) data is the key to receiving up-to-date information about built infrastructure and construction sites activities, as well as map all the illegally-built or destructed facilities. 

Satellite radar data is capable of defining the instability risk for infrastructure, such as bridges, dams and buildings. Radar data is a reliable tool for detecting ground displacement that may cause infrastructure collapse. Information from the frequent monitoring and daily detection of ground changes is especially valuable for risk management, since it enables to prevent or significantly reduce fatal consequences of infrastructure breakdown due to an early warning. 

Radar imagery is also useful after collapse events. The imagery provides accurate estimations on destruction extent, assisting rescue groups and government authorities in making safe and data-driven decisions while taking mitigation measures. 



ICEYE Infrastructure Integrity Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Frequent monitoring of urban areas for change detection
  • Daily interferometry for detecting down to millimetric accuracy in land deformation
  • Early warning on anomalies
  • Illegal construction and destruction mapping
  • Instant response and estimation of impacted area after infrastructure collapse 


ICEYE continues to grow its current SAR satellite constellation capacity with the objective to provide daily interferometry and coherent change detection anywhere on Earth with a 24h ground track repeat. This breaks existing barriers in collecting SAR imagery stacks for InSAR analysis, bringing the collection time down with every new satellite in the ICEYE constellation. Since 2018, ICEYE has launched commercially available SAR satellites, and the company will continue to increase the size of the commercial constellation every year.