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Early Detection of Deforestation & Illegal Logging

Get the most recent information on deforestation and illegal logging to take necessary actions for forest protection.  

Receiving accurate information about remote, large forest areas frequently is a challenging task that requires regular employment of remote sensing technologies, such as satellite- or aircraft-based imaging sensors. Radar satellite data enables early detection of illegal logging, and provides the local authorities with timely alerts followed by supportive information, such as logging location and affected ares. 


ICEYE Forestry Monitoring Solution Provides

  • Persistent monitoring of large forest areas
  • Delivery of frequently updated information on deforestation, forest degradation and growth 
  • Timely alert on illegal logging with accurate location and measurements of deforested areas
  • Measurement of tree cover losses happened due to wildfires, logging, or illegal activities 
Download Free ICEYE SLC DataSet 1

The dataset features agricultural and urban areas of Brazil and Italy

Download SLC data