ICEYE Solutions

Actionable Industry Solutions From ICEYE


Satellite Data into Actionable Information

With a constellation of its own SAR satellites imaging our planet Earth, ICEYE is generating a data stream of how the world currently is, not only how it was. With this unmatched data stream, industries that have long relied on outdated information and data points can now solve problems like they've never been able to do before.

Security Solutions

Unprecedentedly reliable and timely radar satellite imagery from ICEYE for unmatched countrywide security solutions

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Insurance Industry Solutions

Timely and reliable radar imaging data for parametric insurance, claim & loss adjustment, and underwriting & risk reduction

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Financial Services Solutions

Always stay ahead of the game with frequent reports generated from high resolution radar imagery, updated up to several times each day

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Energy Industry Solutions

Regular monitoring with very high resolution radar satellite imagery from ICEYE provides precise and timely information for every phase of the natural resource extraction process – from exploration, operations, and ensuring compliance consistency

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Utilities Industry Solutions

Unprecedentedly reliable and timely radar satellite imagery from ICEYE for fast response to events and risk reduction in the utilities sector

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Mining Industry Solutions

Effective mining planning and prospection with near-real time and reliable sar imagery to ensure efficient exploration with improved safety & reduced risk, and total compliance with environmental policies

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Maritime Industry Solutions

Frequent and persistent monitoring for Maritime use with ICEYE SAR satellite data enables enhanced operation safety & efficiency while ensures security and compliance consistency

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Civil Government Solutions

High resolution and high revisit rate radar satellite imaging for improved regulation enforcement

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