ICEYE Solutions

Actionable Industry Solutions From ICEYE


Satellite Data into Actionable Information

With a constellation of its own SAR satellites imaging our planet Earth, we deliver end-to-end ICEYE Solutions with our wide network of local and global domain-expert partners. We strive to deeply understand the critical metrics of our customer’s operations and provide end-to-end solutions with truly meaningful accuracy, frequency and reliability.

Security Solutions

Frequently delivered, reliable and timely radar satellite data from ICEYE for unmatched countrywide security solutions

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Insurance Industry Solutions

Timely and reliable radar satellite data for parametric insurance, claim and loss adjustment, underwriting, and risk reduction

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Financial Services Solutions

Accurate information generated from high resolution radar satellite imagery, updated up to multiple times a day

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Energy Industry Solutions

Near real-time radar satellite information for support of exploration operations, on-site risk reduction, and compliance monitoring 

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Utilities Industry Solutions

Reliable and timely radar satellite data for risk reduction and support of operations in the utilities sector

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Mining Industry Solutions

Effective resource planning and improved safety of mining operations with near real-time radar satellite data 

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Maritime Segment Solutions

Persistent radar satellite monitoring of water areas for improved  safety and efficiency of maritime operations

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Civil Government Solutions

Frequent delivery of radar satellite data for enhanced regulation enforcement and public safety

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