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Use cases

Sea ice

Get reliable data on ice conditions, movements, and locations in icy waters with the world’s leading SAR satellite data.

Ensure efficiency and safety of offshore operations

Obtain the most recent data about iceberg locations and ice conditions to create the safest and most efficient shipping routes for icebreakers, cargo vessels, and other ships operating in icy waters with radar satellite imagery.

Shipping and navigation in northern waters

Sea-ice_Gulf-of-Bothnia_01_comparison-slider Sea-ice_Gulf-of-Bothnia_02_comparison-slider

Changes in sea ice conditions on two consecutive days in the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea have a significant impact on vessel traffic.



Safe shipping and navigation in ice-covered waters are crucially important for northern countries where trade is dependent on shipping, and therefore cargo vessels must have conditions to run smoothly throughout the year.



To ensure the safety and efficiency of operations, the most recent data on ice conditions is required. Persistent sea ice monitoring with ICEYE radar satellite imagery provides frequently updated data that ensures maritime safety. You can track icebergs and ice movements with possible predictions and obtain data streams for iceberg mapping and ice charting.

Monitor environmental changes

Sea-ice_Antarctica_01_comparison-slider Sea-ice_Antarctica_02_comparison-slider

Changes in sea and ground ice in Antarctica recorded over 5 days with the ICEYE SAR constellation.



Climate change has a significant impact on ice formations in many regions, including vast Arctic and Antarctic areas that are highly difficult to monitor. To understand the effects of climate change, researchers need reliable and detailed information about changes in ice formations.



Using the world’s leading SAR satellite data from ICEYE, you can identify changes in sea and terrestrial ice formations in any region of your interest, daily or even several times a day.

Why choose ICEYE for sea ice monitoring?

Persistent monitoring by ICEYE gives you reliable data to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently, beyond anything previously possible.

Unequaled visibility

Get high-resolution visibility into any area in or around your waters, day or night, through clouds, fog, and darkness.

Forensic-level detection

Image your location of interest daily and detect changes at an accuracy level that has not been possible before ICEYE.

Actionable intelligence

Get reliable data on ice conditions, movements, and location in large water areas. Timely intelligence makes it easier to determine how large a response you should send to the site.

Flexible monitoring

Monitor offshore areas according to your needs. Get a single image of an area of up to 50,000 km² or zoom in to areas down to less than a meter.

Timely delivery

Get data delivery 8 hours from image acquisition as a standard. For urgent requests, data delivery is possible in as little as a few hours.

Trusted partner

ICEYE has a long track record of serving the world’s most demanding national security needs. Reliable data from a reliable partner.

Explore SAR Data applications


Border monitoring

Know what is happening at your borders and beyond.


Site activity monitoring

Watch strategic sites and detect changes.


Port monitoring

Keep an eye on ports worldwide.


Oil spills

Detect and respond to marine oil spills and oil seeps.


Deforestation monitoring

Oversee forests and identify activities.


Maritime domain awareness

Detect suspicious maritime activities.

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