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Imaging modes

Dwell mode

See more in every image – take your security applications to new heights with Dwell.

An unparalelled level of insight

ICEYE SAR satellites already provide all-weather Earth observation with very high resolution. Dwell mode is a world-first capability that lets you see and understand movement, classify objects, and make faster and better decisions with more confidence than ever before.


Introducing Dwell: precision imaging for security & intelligence

Darren Muff & John Cartwright / ICEYE

Make next-level intelligence assessments


Detect and classify objects with confidence

Get more information about objects and their shape from a wider range of angles.


Get instant indications of man-made objects

Man-made structures are highlighted with colors, even in forest areas.


Never miss a thing

See details more clearly with enhanced image quality and reduced speckle.


Detect and analyze movement

Analyze a 25-second motion sequence.

“The Dwell product is a game-changer in the industry, nothing like it exists in commercial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance today.”

John Cartwright

Head of Data Product, ICEYE

“This level of persistence, pattern recognition and prediction gives intelligence analysts assurance that what they're seeing and predicting is likely to be true.”

Darren Muff

Director of SAR engineering, ICEYE

Extract unmatched critical information from a single image

See every detail in incredible clarity with enhanced image quality, superior information congestion, and reduced noise.

ac2 reduced ac1_reduced

Dwell mode offers unparalleled information density and highly reduced speckle, which means every detail in an image appears crystal clear. Speckle, the granular salt-and-pepper interference common in all SAR imaging systems, degrades image quality and makes interpretation more challenging.

See man-made objects at a glance, also in forests

Man-made objects are indicated with colors to distinguish them from natural features.

csi forest reduced dwell forest reduced

With Dwell mode, man-made structures like armor, trucks, and vehicles are highlighted in colors and stand out from natural objects, which appear as gray. This helps analysts immediately see where to focus their attention. Dwell's long capture time from a wide range of angles means you're also able to see objects between branches and trees, an unprecedented capacity that only ICEYE can deliver.

Identify the movement of objects in your area of interest

Analyze a 25-second motion sequence to identify the speed, velocity and heading of moving objects.

video placeholder-2

Dwell mode's unprecedented 25-second collection time enables us to turn an image stack into a video that gives you immediate insights into the movement of objects in your area of interest. Because Dwell mode videos are made up of individual, high-fidelity, high-acuity images, moving objects appear clear. You can identify the speed, velocity, and direction of vessels in the open ocean, vehicles on land, and much more.

Designed for security applications

With ICEYE Dwell mode, you can make better and faster decisions with more confidence than ever before. Explore some examples of how you can take your security and intelligence applications to the next level.

1. Aircraft_reduced

Detect and classify aircraft. See the clear shape of their fuselage, wings, stabilizers, and engines. Distinguish between various aircraft types with more confidence than ever before. This is an ICEYE Dwell mode image of the C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft.

2. Helicopters_reduced

Helicopters can be more easily identified with Dwell mode than with conventional Spot collections. Dwell mode's long imaging time allows many aspect-angle-dependent reflections to be observed in the same image, which makes the object look more complete. This is an ICEYE SAR image of various helicopters stationed on an airfield.

3 .Vessels_reduced

Dwell mode lets you classify vessels stationed in ports with more confidence. Distinguish between specific generations of vessels identifying the design and equipment differences. This is an ICEYE Dwell mode image of various military vessels in a port.

4. Power Lines_reduced

Dwell mode allows you to see narrow objects like power lines and antennas, which cannot be seen in other Spot collections. The long imaging time allows many aspect-angle-dependent reflections to be observed in the same image, which makes the object look more complete. This is an ICEYE Dwell mode CSI product (Color Sub-aperture Image) showcasing its ability to see objects as narrow as individual power lines.

5. infrastructure damage_reduced

Dwell mode's CSI product (Color Sub-aperture Image) allows you to better understand infrastructure damage. In this image, you can see a damaged bridge and explosion craters.

6. Objects in forests_reduced

Although X-band SAR cannot penetrate the forest canopy, Dwell mode's very long illumination time lets you detect objects hidden in forested areas. Because images in Dwell mode are taken from a much wider range of angles, you can detect objects through gaps in the trees and foliage.

Dive deeper into the details of moving objects and understand the nature of the motion in your location. With Dwell mode, you can analyze several sub-aperture images taken during a single collection – either separately or as a video preview made up of an image stack.

Narrow objects
Infrastructure damage
Objects hidden in forests
Analyze movement

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