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Persistent monitoring – the applications
with Shay strong & Eric Jensen

"Persistent monitoring enables a totally new level of strategical decision-making."

Truly effective change detection requires persistent monitoring. ICEYE'S large constellation of new space satellites unlocks new access to valuable data on any location on Earth – day and night, through the clouds, and multiple times per day.


The power of ICEYE SAR explained

Shay Strong & Eric Jensen

See and react to changes on Earth in near real-time

ICEYE is revolutionizing the frequency with which we can observe and react to changes in near real-time with daily and even sub-daily persistent monitoring of any location on the planet.

One of ICEYE's core missions is to enable our customers to make better decisions - more rapidly and with higher degrees of confidence. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) allows us to observe changes on the Earth's surface day and night and in any weather. However traditional SAR imaging models are only able to capture coherent images of specific locations on a weekly or monthly basis. ICEYE is revolutionizing the frequency with which we can observe and react to changes in near real-time with daily and even sub-daily Persistent Monitoring of any location on the planet. This enables a level of situational awareness and responsiveness that's never been possible before.

The ability to persistently monitor locations is critical in order to detect high-frequency change and respond to events that require a lot of decision-making. For example, monitoring activity at refugee camps to assess whether the infrastructure needs assistance or maintenance. Or monitoring port activity to gain intelligence in the type of vessels that are coming and going. And of course, when it comes to disaster relief, the ability to quickly assess the amount of damage or population impacted is absolutely time-critical. Frequent changes that can happen daily would be entirely missed if you had to wait a week or a month to look again. With ICEYE's ability to persistently monitor locations daily, you're not only improving the capacity to evaluate and respond to situations, but you're also saving costs and potentially even lives.

UAE vessels ICEYE

ICEYE radar satellite image from Port of Fujairah. The image shows 190+ vessels.


On time every time

High resolution and revisit rate, global coverage. ICEYE's constellation of small and agile satellites enables us to deliver all three – whenever and wherever our customers need us to.

Persistent Monitoring is the combination of three main elements. High resolution, which is the ability to detect with clarity what's happening on Earth. Revisit rate, which means the frequency with which you can access the point that you're looking at. And global coverage, which is the ability to observe any location on Earth at any time. ICEYE's constellation of small and agile satellites enables us to deliver all three - whenever and wherever our customers need us to.

The dependability of our constellation is something that we care very much about and one of the most important things that our customers expect. They value timeliness, which is essentially the time between when someone says 'I need an image' to when they receive it. Making that time as short as possible requires a combination of amazing innovation in space and on the ground. In space, we have to have a large enough constellation to be able to access every point on Earth at all times and as frequently as possible. Once that image is collected, it's a race to deliver a high-quality product as rapidly as possible. We've proven that we can disseminate an image in under 15 minutes from the time it was collected. That's the power of ICEYE SAR


Democratizing the data – a new era in SAR

SAR is not a new technology. But it’s been very siloed and very locked with specific domain expertise at the highest level of government. At ICEYE, we believe there is a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of SAR data by making it more accessible. ICEYE’s ability to persistently monitor the ground and provide quantifiable information with our radar technology means that it’s now open and available for governments, companies, organizations, and people to evaluate and leverage to better serve humanity.

If you look at monitoring volcanic activity, for example, there’s a wealth of science and technology that goes into it, but it’s largely ground-based and often limited to wealthier countries. ICEYE’s ability to collect SAR data on any location at any time provides governments, organizations, and people with unprecedented capabilities to respond to disasters and other events. By creating user-friendly tools and algorithms, we aim to empower people to leverage and use that data to create their own workflows and answer their own questions.


ICEYE’s SAR satellite constellation advances maritime domain awareness with persistent monitoring of coastal and open waters. Stripmap imagery provides near real-time information about operating vessels regardless of clouds and daylight. Vessels at Galveson Bay, Texas.

Tip and cue with Dwell, Spot, Strip and Scan modes

ICEYE’s constellation is made to be extremely agile and responsive, with the ability to quickly pivot between persistently observing one location and another. With the agility to quickly respond to changing customer needs, we can do things like go from persistently monitoring a large area to focusing in on a specific area in higher fidelity. This ability to almost tip and cue by quickly changing imaging modes is unprecedented with other SAR constellations.


Dwell mode

Dwell mode helps extract unmatched critical information from a single image. See every detail in incredible clarity with enhanced image quality, superior information congestion, and reduced noise.


Spot mode

Spot mode enables very high resolution and the largest available scene size for detailed monitoring. Use Spot mode for object identification and highly detailed change detection.


Strip mode

Strip mode is perfect for detecting changes to vast sea and land areas. Use Strip mode to see and respond to natural disasters and illegal activities and to persistently monitor borders, coastal areas, or any location of interest.


Scan mode

Scan mode can cover an area of up to 100 km by 100 km. Scan mode is particularly effective for acquiring wide coverage imagery for maritime use cases, where national security authorities and maritime safety officials need persistent visibility.

Meet Shay & Eric


Vice President of analytics, ICEYE

Shay Strong

Dr. Shay Strong is Vice President of Analytics at ICEYE, where she leads her team to develop comprehensive analytics solutions that leverage high-resolution SAR imagery. The work Shay and her team do is helping governments, organizations, and companies use SAR data as part of their workflows and to answer some of the greatest challenges societies face. Shay is a highly respected data scientist and astrophysicist with vast experience in observing space from Earth and observing Earth from space. She has done pioneering work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, as Chief Data Scientist at OmniEarth, and at EagleView.

Eric Jensen ICEYE US


Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen is responsible for ensuring ICEYE’s capabilities help government and commercial partners to make informed, data-driven decisions that improve infrastructure, protect the environment, address security challenges, and serve humanity. Eric joined ICEYE US in 2020 as President, with over a decade of engineering and business development experience across scientific, defense, national security, and commercial mission domains. He has been appointed as CEO of ICEYE US in 2023.

Learn more about persistent monitoring

Darren Muff

The Technology

A key requirement that’s been missing from earth observation is being able to track changes very quickly and very often. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) allows you to see in any weather, day or night. But if you want to be able to track changes to any location on the globe in minutes, hours, or a few days, you need a constellation of satellites that are small and affordable enough to enable persistent monitoring that can be quickly activated, flexibly maneuvered and that can deliver the right information at the right time. That’s exactly what ICEYE does.


Rafal Modrzewski & Pekka Laurila

The Vision

Welcome to a completely new way to understand life on Earth. ICEYE's constellation of SAR satellites opens access to entirely new levels of data for the persistent monitoring of large and small locations around the globe – every few hours, day and night, and in any weather.