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Community Flood Resilience

9 ways satellite data can power local flood response & recovery

Learn how federal, state, and local governments are using data and analytics from commercial satellites to power flood response, recovery, and resilience efforts at the community level.

Previously, the cost and complexity of satellites meant that access to remote sensing was limited to national governments. But the blossoming “Satellites-as-a-Service” sector now enables even small state and local agencies to obtain GIS-ready flood data in near real-time.

The eBook topics include:

  • Addressing the challenges of local response & recovery
  • The growing use of satellites for disaster management
  • The evolution of satellite data, analytics, & remote sensing
  • The power of flood impact data for state & local governments
  • The rise of NewSpace, SAR, & Satellites-as-a-Service
  • Using satellite data & analytics to power local flood resilience
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