Oil Spill Monitoring

Effective Response to Oil Spills


The detection of oil spills at sea is a difficult task. Compared to optical satellite imaging solutions, Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) technology promises an increased contrast between oil products and water under a variety of sea conditions and lighting conditions. With this technological advantage, governments and oil industry organisations are able to actively monitor, detect and react to potential issues before they become catastrophes.

Persistent SAR imaging is an essential element in the early detection of oil slicks and illegal release of bilge waters. Being able to reliably image through clouds and darkness is essential for effective regulation and early damage prevention.

Additionally, imaging large sea areas for oil spills presents new opportunities for the discovery and monitoring of crude oil seeps from the seabed.

Security against oil spills is about reliability and effectiveness of the monitoring in use. ICEYE SAR satellite constellation is a satellite imaging solution that works day and night, with imaging that penetrates cloud cover.


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