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ICEYE Capacity Partnership: Service Levels

Service Levels - Territory
Priority Territory

You get the highest acquisition priority within a mutually-agreed Area of interest which is based on switchboard concept in case of overlapping territories.

Service Levels - National
National Mission Operation Center and SAR Processor
  • Satellite Operations 
Based on your need, ICEYE will set up a national mission operation centre or upgrade the existing one.
  • SAR Processor 
ICEYE leases on-premise SAR processor capabilities with a wide range of processing algorithms are available for use.
  • Dedicated training 
Your personnel is trained to manage and task the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation, and to turn the downlinked data into your preferred format for analysis.
Service Levels - Professional
ICEYE Professional Services

ICEYE’s consultant provides your national team with direct access to the newest knowledge available. They provide you the best available channel to communicate your needs to ICEYE and ensure the highest possible customer service and system usability.