Q. What is the status of the ICEYE Constellation?
    A. ICEYE operates a constellation of satellites with a maintained commercial capacity. The available capacity naturally varies in time, as satellites are actively being added or removed from the commercial constellation for various reasons like tests, new developments, maintenance.

    ICEYE continues to innovate on products and capabilities with an unprecedented speed. In order to maintain the pace of innovation we need to run continuous experiments on the assets in space. Hence the satellites change their status often. ICEYE ensures that the active constellation has enough capacity to fulfil all the commercial contracts, so that customers continuously receive the best available service.

    Q. What is the latest change to the constellation capacity?
    A. ICEYE is growing its constellation every year with additional launches, while bringing significant new developments forward. Any material changes to the constellation capacity are communicated via the Constellation Status page, and our Customer Success team.

    Q. When is the Customer Success team available?
    A. ICEYE Customer Success team has extended day shifts in timelines associated with Polish business days and business hours. Further information is available directly from the Customer Success team.


    Q. How do I get access to the ICEYE Constellation imaging?
    A. There's a variety of free SAR data downloads available for trialing ICEYE SAR imagery. For commercial inquiries, please reach out to ICEYE Sales.