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Improve Mining Operations Planning Efficiency & Safety

Be ahead of the competition with the most accurate and frequently updated information on mines volume change, ground displacement, surface water change, and vegetation and encroachment status. 

To meet the demands placed on the mining and surveying team, mining companies require accurate and timely information for reviewing and planning activities. Radar satellites enable monitoring of all objects on the ground, regardless of the time of day and in all weather conditions.

ICEYE 3D Volumetric Mapping & Measurement Tools Solution provides accurate and reliable volumetric measurement modelling of the chosen mining area with information on the volume and detection of volume changes.


ICEYE 3D Volumetric Mapping & Measurement Tools Solution Provides

  • Accurate and reliable volumetric measurement modelling of a mining pit
  • Daily monitoring of mining activities, including information provision on excavation operations, road works, and impact of vehicle movements 
  • Daily monitoring of land deformation, detecting down to sub-millimetric surface movements
  • Accurate information on changes of the surface water within a mining area (e.g. tailing dams, water run-off, and water bodies)
  • Vegetation gains or losses monitoring during and after mining activities 
  • Encroachment on mining area and illegal or dangerous settlements detection
  • Early warning on anomalies


ICEYE continues to grow its current SAR satellite constellation capacity with the objective to provide daily interferometry and coherent change detection anywhere on Earth with a 24h ground track repeat. This breaks existing barriers in collecting SAR imagery stacks for InSAR analysis, bringing the collection time down with every new satellite in the ICEYE constellation. Since 2018, ICEYE has launched commercially available SAR satellites, and the company will continue to increase the size of the commercial constellation every year.