Frequently Asked Questions


    What is ICEYE trying to do?

    ICEYE's mission is to enable everyone to make better decisions. We do it by providing access to timely and reliable Earth observation data. Over a longer timeline, ICEYE is building a constellation of Synthetic-aperture radar satellites, which will be able to image any point on Earth up to every hour.


    What is the impact of ICEYE?

    ICEYE is extremely proud of the world-leading technology our teams have created, but the true heroes of our story are the users of the information we provide. Ultimately, what we strive for is that our data is used for smarter decision making by having reliable access to timely and accurate information. 


    Who are ICEYE's services for?

    Traditionally, SAR data and information derived from it has been used by mostly governments. ICEYE provides access to this information to a wider audience, as there are tremendous amounts of commercial industries that benefit from this data.


    Can I get example images?

    Please start by downloading the free Example orthorectified GRD data set.


    How much does a satellite image from ICEYE cost?

    ICEYE provides access to an information stream of selected locations, updated up to every hour, every day and night, rather than individual images. A variety of service and partnership tiers are available via ICEYE sales.


    What is SAR?

    Synthetic-Aperture Radar is an imaging technology used for taking images of our planet Earth from above. It does not need sunlight to work and it works through clouds just as well as clear skies, unlike optical imaging.


    What is "New Space"?

    An approach to aerospace, which utilizes the newest and most advanced technology available, while acknowledging the need for increased risk mitigation as a result of very fast development.


    Sounds too cool, how do I apply for a position at ICEYE?

    ICEYE is growing fast and seeking both engineering and commercial talent from around the world. ICEYE has offices in Finland, Poland, and the U.S.

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