Access the public archive of radar imagery previews acquired with the ICEYE SAR satellite constellation

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    Thumbnails in the Public Archive licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

    • Archive format: KMZ, GeoJSON
    • Archive Contains: A selection of roughly 18.000 images taken with ICEYE SAR satellites from mid-2019 to late-2020.
    • Imaging Mode: Strip, Spot
    • The archive can be opened in Google Earth Pro (KMZ), QGIS (GeoJSON). When you open the file, you can browse image locations, metadata, and access the image thumbnails. It is possible to filter images by time.
    • Current customers can order the ICEYE SAR data associated with the thumbnails presented in the Public Archive can be ordered in the ICEYE standard image formats by following the order process described in the ICEYE Product Guide.
    • New customers can set up an account through ICEYE Sales.
    • The ICEYE Public Archive contains images that have not gone through the full quality assurance procedures for new image orders.